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The 10th European contact will be held in green 10 European countries representatives to talk about cooperation

Date: 2015-11-07

Yesterday, the 10th China (Qingdao) - the European Union international fair for investment and trade cooperation of science and technology (hereinafter referred to as "the contact") presented in our city. Representatives from 10 countries in Europe to participate in, and the counterpart in zhuhai enterprises cooperation talks. Also held at the same time, the contact will be on the opening day of the European enterprise network (EEN) launch center in northern China, will be for pairs of small and medium-sized enterprises play a bridge role in central Europe.
More than 60 European companies to negotiate
Around the theme of the European contact will for "all the way to connect the new future", focusing on the ocean, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy, new materials industries, such as inviting China and the eu officials, experts and scholars, representatives of enterprises, innovation of china-eu summit on entrepreneurship, china-eu ocean industries and high-end equipment manufacturing industry cooperation BBS new energy and environmental protection industries, china-eu cooperation three BBS BBS, etc.
It is reported that this year marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the in central Europe, Europe will received extensive attention of the European countries. Yesterday, there is Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Britain, the Netherlands, Greece, Russia, 10 European countries attending, communication to negotiate with the counterpart in zhuhai enterprises. Today, the city more than 100 companies will be from the 10 European countries and more than 60 companies and organizations, around the new energy, environmental protection, new materials, biological medicine, information and communication technology, ship manufacturing, culture, tourism, food and other industries do business cooperation to carry out the "one to one" project, actively explore practical cooperation. The relevant person in charge of the municipal ccpit, said by many enterprises have intention to, finally is expected to reach a more practical results.
Central expert to explore innovative undertaking
In yesterday morning BBS - the theme of the china-eu summit in innovative undertaking, the Chinese academy of engineering, ocean university of China with concurrent GuanHua poems is Marine biological pharmaceutical development present situation, trend and prospect do keynote speech; The European Union's diplomatic corps technology counsellor, research and innovation framework programme introduces eu H2020, eu innovation policy and central European science and technology innovation cooperation; Montpellier, France, vice President of Mediterranean regions, st denis city changbai art peak, Qingdao, sharp, electrical co., LTD., vice President of Cui Qun, Spain carlos quintana, director of the national innovation department in China, Qingdao high-tech zone management committee, deputy director of the ShangLiQun booker, director of the center for entrepreneurship and the Russian youth innovation: hello, Anna also have been conducted over issues such as innovative undertaking experience sharing and project promotion.
In addition, in the afternoon at two parallel in the BBS, central European experts, business representatives respectively around the construction of maritime silk road, china-eu Marine industry garden area cooperation forward, the new energy and environmental protection industry cooperation and other issues, has carried on the discussion and communication.
EEN northern center settled in high-tech zone
Morning meeting also held the European enterprise network (EEN) in northern China center opening ceremony. It is understood that the European enterprise network was founded in 1984, 54 countries worldwide, with 600 transfer of technology and business cooperation organization, as well as more than 100 high-tech enterprise database. In December 2014, the eu project innovation center set up approved by the European commission to the European enterprise network in north China center, the center officially settled in yesterday to Qingdao hi-tech zone, the business covers eight provinces and cities in the north of China. To this, the European Union diplomatic corps deputy ambassador Carmen cano says, the European enterprise network database with large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises in China and Europe can serve as the bridge between information matching, our small and medium-sized enterprise effective docking, successful cooperation projects.
Carmen cano
In the Marine, urban construction, etc
"Despite the recession, we still maintain annual growth of bilateral trade, the bilateral trade, the eu and China now has nearly 470 billion euros, about the volume of trade has 1 billion euros a day." Interview, Carmen cano says, in 2013, China and the eu launched a comprehensive investment agreement negotiations, this agreement will bring both sides communication cooperation into a new height, by opening the market brings the possibility of more investment. In the framework of "area", will be more deepen cooperation of central Europe. In addition, the European commission has officially confirmed the eu 2020 horizon in 2016-2017 work plan, plans to invest 16 billion euros in central Europe and other countries of entrepreneurial opportunity and help small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) innovation.
When it comes to the European Union and Qingdao areas of cooperation, Carmen cano said, the first is the Marine science and technology research and development, Qingdao also has a maritime power, Marine economy, Marine conservation and the cooperation is very important. The second is the city construction. To public transportation as an example, the first subway will be built in Qingdao, greatly improve the traffic conditions, but the European experience has shown that a single traffic facilities is not enough to completely solve the traffic congestion, but by improving urban infrastructure, such as establishing high quality, based on public traffic environment, the use of such as walking, cycling, and rich experience in this aspect, in the European Union to Qingdao to cooperate. In addition, the European enterprises in the industrial field, including new energy, new materials, environmental protection, etc., can provide technical cooperation, Qingdao China city and more environmental science and technology, Marine science and technology and talent reserves.
China-eu cooperation is increasingly close