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   Situated in the core of the Huangdao Economic Development,  the Haidu Hotel (Haidu Jiudian) is 90 km from downtown city. Qingdao Railway Station and Qingdao Liuting International Airport are accessible within 80 and 90 km,  respectively.     Rooms ranging from special promotion to superior single room are all equipped with central air conditioners,  mini bars and international direct-dial phones as well as high speed broadband internet access.     The on-site restaurant serves an assortment of delicacies of Chinese,  Japanese and Western palate.[View Detail]     
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  • coool
    All right
  • m00151832
    Room facilities good, hotel staff is very good, the ointment, bathroom fan was found. hotel services for humanity, will continue to choose this hotel in future.
  • gordon_pan
    Good, good
  • glorey
    Sea location is very good, after eating and drinking around the shopping convenience-staying here
  • conniejunjun
    Really nice hotel, service is in place, there are all kinds of little surprise
  • wcwjgc
    Air conditioning does not work, need to be improved
  • cdlinnan
    Lived at 20/f, city NET closed eyes, hotel facilities good, gave them fruit, but fruit is lazy
  • caorui0812
    Rooms have free drink. Hotel popularity, people much better. it's too far away from the city.
  • bjserina
    Hardware service environment is good, recommended
  • fecetinia.c
    Very good, worth
  • lansexijie
    Really good, the room was very clean
  • afat4435
    Not to say that, was very satisfied with Huangdao live every time you come here.
  • lliangt
    Friends book, is said to be good
  • wawayaya1120
    Old hotel, great! opposite Jusco, convenient!
  • e02814476
    Five-star, that's enough. health, room supplies, drawer of the small details are in place. sleep very well, only sea view rooms, great for 'ocean view', meaning mean. car, underground parking lot to boast about, disable the ground.
  • eoselan
    Good good, many of the tourist season, service kind of polite, satisfactory
  • djlarsen
    On the street was a bit noisy.
  • fendaw
    Hotel facilities old towels are dark but the hardware or the surroundings have a lot to eat featured barcarolle fish dumpling food to popcorn
  • gejingbo1988
    The trip, hotel facilities, environment good, next time that
  • gongyuanlove
    Nice hotel on the Huangdao. surrounding supporting complete, easily accessible. 2 km from the sea.
  • jm_liang
    Service is very good, satisfactory.
  • lilierwoo
    It's not bad
  • angel-dy
    Full marks, lovely hotel, my only regret is that too many people because of the national day holiday, the hotel's service level reduces.
  • gcl5524
    Hotel facilities are old, check in and check out quickly!
  • ladidastar
    Is has letter price than of a between hotel, rooms Department personnel service consciousness also is pretty strong of, restaurant door waiter let people some no language has. in the hotel live has four days, first days breakfast see children Hou, one registration personnel said height didn't problem can directly into, second days also of this several registration personnel and think height has problem needed measurement, prior has told children 1.2 meters not to almost, wear shoes volume Hou displayed 1.2 meters had is, staff that said height SuperHad provides. again told is due to shoes measurement due to, which one staff do said needed shoes again measurement, facts proved does 1.2 meters not to. also see has other live guest reviews said hotel restaurant door registration personnel on children height problem attitude stiff, on like Hotel income-generating have by they has as, such of practices makes Hotel reduction points many. another we is 11 Qian to hotel of so Qian several day restaurant can, Eleven-One to restaurant reception capacity on obviously insufficient.
  • antolino
    Room was clean, the service is also very good breakfast especially rich! two shortcomings, is the hotel's underground car park is too small, takes guests dining at the hotel guest parking, resulting in back waiting for parking spaces. swimming pool cannot be used, in the hope of further improvements.
  • angle85
    Go to Qingdao, two hotel, good location, convenient shopping
    National Qingdao of line left has is good of impression. hotel location Huangdao downtown, we walk to tasting has barcarolle fish dumplings, Lu knot soup, online recommended of food, was reputation, Qingdao seafood practices than sunshine North Sea about raw materials also fresh, price can accept. hotel service is good, daily sent fruit, also sent two tank beverage called laoshan White Snake grass water and two Shaqima, beverage drink used but is benefit. room facilities 4 star above. Since driving to Qingdao is convenient, weGo to Qingdao for the cross harbour tunnel, back Cross-Sea Bridge. all in all, driving this deserves a strong push in Qingdao.
  • tony080808
    Environment are good, service also good, staying of when just also didn't before clean, later put good luggage on to called waiter first help we Lane, clean of when waiter also is kind of answered I of some problem, also deliberately help we took has to children of doll. only regrets of is 22nd to of when asked has pool of things, just caught up with for water not open, hey! that on to Gold Beach play water's. hotel taxi past 14 Yuan, also not your. Gold Beach rent has a shadeOf Chair, 150 Yuan sent has a Cabinet and tent, to last we with children are in water in fundamental on didn't to sat Chair, Cabinet also is is useful of, things are put in inside has. water also good, is every now and then will floating to points packaging bags, but than trestle that of good too more too more has. play good water out taxi not convenient, later that of people recommends we sat free of bus then interchange sat to bus, yes attractions door really of has free don't? of bus sat Oh. then back hotelRest slightly, the morning buffet is good Oh, our 3 children are free, and a friend, bought a half-price breakfast, price a bit expensive it seems to more than 70 one-bit
  • xiaoduan
    Nice hotel, very clean ... Although a bit far away from the city, but is still pretty busy, there are several shopping malls.
  • eoeli
    Service, rooms very good, next time.
  • jusTicetan
    Cost-effective, fruit and beverages gifts, dining around, take a taxi.
  • liyin_nicole
    That's good
  • ray39510
  • grayfeng
    Howard Johnson Inn sea is cool but in my heart you will always be my big yellow Island the closest hotel rooms at once, deep feelings, the room facilities is some old, but very dependable, very real! price remained stable at ordinary times in addition to the price in the opening quarter-hope you can put some permanent policy!
  • Rainbow Rainbow
    A very good environment, very clean, very comfortable,
  • moonrain
    Clean bed was very comfortable, hotel has a lot to eat, is too far from the town is not really convenient.
  • master321
    To of when just caught up with Huangdao rain, live of 33F, although is Seaview room, but away from Beach also is has must distance of, although floors high, but vision still was ahead of building by block, only see part of sea, but also is is beauty of, this is a price than Super high of hotel, although away from urban more far, some inconvenience, but really of than urban thousands block of room money better too more has-if again to Huangdao words, still will select this hotel!
  • MapleDog
    Today under the hotel reviews all comments before, sea service are many hotels need to learn, and next time
  • liyree
    Feeling good
  • baixiaojin
    Very good, staff very friendly
  • e01679651
    Good environment and services, so I decided to stay
  • m02193855
    Four star, Western good buffet lunch, no
  • gaomei
    Facilities the price OK, is relatively poor breakfast
  • e01326543
    May is the peak tourism season breakfast there were so many many things, especially quilts, spoons, waited for a long time. in General.
  • ming6871
    Pretty good
  • e00101048
    Overall I feel pretty good, supermarket shopping malls around, there are a variety of snacks are good, the only downside is the bed in the room is not fixed, easy to move.
  • justin96
    The hotel can also also gave me coupons for children.
  • fangcliff
    It's OK
  • candy2105
    Very good hotel, room drinks and fruit is very sweet, only a little uncomfortable for people to eat breakfast in the morning was too much, is because, everyone grab something to eat, a little chaotic.