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   Situated in the core of the Huangdao Economic Development,  the Haidu Hotel (Haidu Jiudian) is 90 km from downtown city. Qingdao Railway Station and Qingdao Liuting International Airport are accessible within 80 and 90 km,  respectively.     Rooms ranging from special promotion to superior single room are all equipped with central air conditioners,  mini bars and international direct-dial phones as well as high speed broadband internet access.     The on-site restaurant serves an assortment of delicacies of Chinese,  Japanese and Western palate.[View Detail]     
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  • ann_yang
    That's no problem,
  • batongyang
    Public areas of the hotel is filled with a smell of cafeteria. the environment is also good
  • caijianr
    Overall good, far away from the city, Golden Beach, breakfast was sumptuous, taste, eat right, twin room is also good, very comfortable
  • taamen
    Hardware good new facilities around quite a lot of very convenient distance from Golden Beach. key staff promised to send enough beer into fruit and was delivered at 10 o'clock in the evening there is the toilet door always smelling but unable to figure out why, overall, just so so
  • bigcai
    You can also
  • beubeu
    Very good
  • e00103149
    Nice, nice
  • dannybin
    Hemp huhu
  • ricwei
    Location, room was clean and large, affordable, to golden sand beach about 5 minutes by car
  • raywong1988
    Health conditions can be, next time travel can also go to.
  • IvyTang12
    Hotel bed wet
    Traffic is very convenient to eat around there are many nice
  • leo003
    Nice, very many guests, eating breakfast is a vegetable market, the
  • guomin
    Fully equipped living facilities around the hotel, restaurant bar in the supermarket replete with shopping malls, hotels rich breakfast close to five-star standard, block b, room furniture and some wear and tear but good maintenance.
  • xujianying0425
    Service is in place, do not shoot the pictures of the hotel, see. real and a little detail you see around, gave me a very good feeling! great experience.
  • Brenda children
    Nice, convenient
  • alongfeng
    Room was a bit small, facilities a bit dated, but shopping around
  • c0nfig
    Good good very good
  • Nextbal
    In summer increases, staff shortage, the decline in service quality breakfast turned slow and disorderly, breakfast was not timely.
  • e00044361
    Environmental good, service very good, recommended.
  • cocat
    Apart from the breakfast voucher children not readily, inflexible staff and the rest are good, has been living.
  • feefeeye
    Service in the lobby and room service very attentive
  • cowcowbaby
    Rooms are small facilities can my daughter likes
  • gigi0107
    Outdated facilities, had a strange taste. transportation is convenient
  • fatdong99
    A few times, much better than before the renovation, will come again later
  • E00990066
    Health environment and facilities can also, front desk is a little weak and needs to be improved! cleaning staff very helpful.
  • tracy2002cn
    Five star service ... a very good environment ... next time will stay
  • cxj_cc
    This is the second stay at, compared to the first, brownie points fall a lot, room service staff were slow to react as a beat, hotel staff at the front desk and let people find you can't live, after the first stay, here was my second choice, but I suppose there's the third option.
  • ciller
    OK, sea view room or see what sea
    Rooms at the hotel felt very comfortable, very good location, hotel very convenient to shopping malls catering. smooth. good health and good services, facilities are also very good. it is worth recommending, there's desire to stay next time.
  • Cocaine!
    Very good, supermarket and restaurant downstairs, very convenient
  • luyuanguye
    Rush Golden Sands, Hotel Golden Beach is a bit far. but facilities are good, fruit, drink beer, and health also did well, giving your child a gift, very attentive, eat around there are a few, also is more convenient.
  • AileenGuo65
    Bed very comfortable! next time here
  • geminrgirl
    Very good
  • mpawu
    Hotel services very good. facility a little door card door, but can't get electricity. in General, it's OK!
  • grayfeng
    Howard Johnson Inn sea is cool but in my heart you will always be my big yellow Island the closest hotel rooms at once, deep feelings, the room facilities is some old, but very dependable, very real! price remained stable at ordinary times in addition to the price in the opening quarter-hope you can put some permanent policy!
  • george0130
    Stay during the Oktoberfest, it is very expensive
  • maasd
    Is the lobby a little old, rooms are a little small! hotel details health and doing well! two kids one toy, or will it stay
  • day_jing
    Very good hotel
  • congde
    OK, the tourist season when you have a place to live is very good
  • lisalxm63
    Location good, in Huangdao of downtown lots, cloth grass clean comfortable, bath facilities perfect, shortcomings is bed enough wide, not standard 1.2m of single bed, ground spaces insufficient, underground garage dark narrow, also has construction regional, drag with luggage is not convenient, front desk handle staying and check out efficiency not high. breakfast in the Western both, varieties rich, has variety drinks and dessert, children is like, General Shang recommended
  • sdddddddd
    Good location, meals are convenient, next to the bus station to go to Golden Beach is easy.
  • caibi733
    Hotel is good, points A,B seat, a, seat old floor, b seat new floor, swimming pool, gym in a, floor, at eight o'clock in the morning door, self breakfast 6:30 began 9:30 end, varieties also line, West point more Chinese less, so basic didn't eat. service is good, to has coat frame hanging swimming clothing (free), to has Mahjong table (50/100 Yuan), special cute of waiter see we has child, in we room in put has small beverage, and are has fruit. hanger, safe, bath robe,Steam irons, hair dryer machine, bath supplies, drive mosquito device, small refrigerator, many things all with full, than we Qian two days live Qingdao City of good too more too more, and price not is high, Qingdao City hotel price your cry has, more than 400 over can live as home, recommends in Huangdao here play, has Beach (people not too more), has sea amusement facilities (speedboat fly umbrella like), hotel next has barbecue Shabu belly fried chicken beer Han material day material, supermarket has n home, opposite has 7/11, next oppositeHas two home big Mall, anyway very very very convenient! Qian two days in urban play of bad, urban everywhere traffic, urban roller road eat of is good, other are play of bad, side near of things are affordable, fried chicken Shabu belly are is delicious, fried chicken is authentic. hotel of hardware is good, city Cabinet of placed special reasonable, as figure, electric kettle put in highest of table Shang, not hot to baby, is satisfaction, service attitude also is good, has plug in bedside table behind, to lift out aWithout air conditioning temperature is also very suitable
  • Namuci
    Moderate floor staff smile, and greet guests at any time, make people feel comfortable. parking officers commanding at the door reversing great (said, rubbing on me), Northern sense of forthright man, and makes people feel a sense of ... the only drawback is the small underground garage entrance, check card just needs to turn right, test technology.
  • bdy311
    B facility updates overall. Chinese food Western food is recommended.
  • e01294107
    Nice environment, good facilities and service in place
  • e00136801
    Very tall on the hotel, supermarket nearby, eating easy
  • ycboc
    Hotel of hardware General, a into room is somewhat small disappointed of, furniture somewhat old has, but health status also is can of. but worth praised of is service really of good, encountered of service personnel are enthusiasm has ceremony, feel is warm. set of when said will sent beer beverage and fruit, thought only in staying first days sent. results second days also sent has also weight of a copies, really atmosphere! hotel restaurant dinner of buffet is recommended, seafood is fresh, dish type also many, vanilla ice cream isShannon families will eat very satisfied. the key is very honest, telephone tips can go online to buy better value, also the day is ladies day, Lady half price without buying. the location of the hotel belongs to Huangdao district of downtown, not far from the Golden Beach and Silver Beach. overall satisfaction, would choose in the future!
  • liumeirong0811
    Nice, room was clean and bed comfortable.
  • aria0128
    Nice. rooms are a little small, facilities a bit longer, others are very good